Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS to Congress: "Screw Your Deadlines"

Ever notice how touchy the IRS is about deadlines? 

"File by X date."  "Pay by Y date."  "Respond by Z date."  Or pay excessive penalties, interest, and risk prison.

It's a different picture when the IRS is facing a deadline, however.

What did the White House know about the IRS targeting conservative groups and when did it know it?

... In a May 14 letter signed by Chairman Dave Camp and Ranking Member Sander Levin, the House Ways and Means Committee demanded precisely those records from the IRS. In the same letter, the committee also demanded the records of any communications between IRS and the Treasury on the matter, plus other information and records that would help the committee understand the facts about IRS actions that subjected to heightened scrutiny conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Chairman Camp and Ranking Member Levin gave the IRS a deadline of Tuesday, May 21 to comply with their committee’s demand for the information and records.

The IRS--which requires working Americans to file their tax returns by an April 15 deadline each year or else face penalties--did not comply with this deadline

The lying and criminal vermin in IRS retreat to their dark hole.

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