Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taranto: Which Poison Do You Prefer?

Taranto poses an interesting question.

...As we wrote Friday, this will be a scandal like Watergate if it turns out that the IRS was acting under orders from Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett. If the White House's conduct turns out to be unimpeachable, then it is something far worse: a sign that the government itself has become a threat to the Constitution...

The answer is "Both/And", of course. The interest of Massive Government is Massive Government.

If it were not so, then alleged "Conservatives" would act to reduce Massive Government.

They don't.  Have you seen one "Conservative" call for cutting the IRS budget?  Have you seen any numerically-significant group of House or Senate members calling for the Fair Tax?  Flat Tax?  The dismantling of the Department of Education?  Bringing EPA to heel? 

It so happens that Obama is an out-and-out proponent of Massive Government, so his interests are congruent with the Federal Goliath.


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schmenz said...

Well, Andrew Napolitano has demonstrated that tyranny isn't just around the corner; it's already here.