Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Epic Flaw

Ms. Faulkner is getting the attention she so richly deserves.

Aside from the Crony "Capitalism" aspect of how Epic gets its business, there is a very serious long-term problem with the Spaghetti-Code Queen's product.

...You see, Epic Systems — the dominant EMR giant in America — is notorious for its lack of interoperability. Faulkner’s closed-end system represents antiquated, hard drive-dependent software firms that refuse to share data with doctors and hospitals using alternative platforms. Health IT analyst John Moore of Chilmark Research, echoing many industry observers, wrote in April that Epic “will ultimately hinder health care organizations’ ability to rapidly innovate.” 

Question: If these subsidized data-sharing systems aren’t built to share data to improve health outcomes, why exactly are we subsidizing them? And what exactly are companies like Faulkner’s doing with this enhanced power to consolidate and control Americans’ private health information?

We already know how Ms Faulkner treats folks with honest political differences.

And we already know how the IRS treats folks who oppose The Regime.

Can you add 2+2? 

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