Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Low-Level Rogue Employees". Sure. Unicorns, Too!

It's hard to keep up with the Obozo IRS story, mostly because Obozo's IRS is near-unto a criminal enterprise.

Tea Parties, Joooos, 'Patriots.' 

Then IRS started handing out CONFIDENTIAL tax information to ProPublica--a black-letter violation of the law. The Koch brothers, Rove's 501c4 (and others like it.)

Not satisfied with that, IRS also started harassment campaigns directed at Obozo opponents, including the True the Vote people and opponents to homosexual "marriage".

Oh, yah, we all still believe 100% in "the Rule of Law."  And now we know that it is really "the Ruler's Law."  It's right there in the Constitution, ya'know.


Anonymous said...

Clearly the targeting was ordered directly by Obama personally.

Anonymous said...

We need to revoke tax-exempt status for all these political advocacy groups on both the right and left. Only charitable organizations should qualify for this handout...groups like Crossroads GPS or Priorities USA are siphoning tax dollars from veterans, the disabled, and the elderly. Shame on the whole bunch of them.

The Joker said...

You baggers deserve what you reaped. Don't like being audited? Then don't bitch about paying your taxes.

Jim said...

The 501(c)(4) law was written for groups whose activities are EXCLUSIVELY community-oriented social welfare. It is actually IRS regulations that have morphed "exclusively" into "primarily".

The IRS should go farther in ferreting out the abusers (see Karl Rove's GPS), conservative or liberal.

The Joker said...

I apologize for my rant. I was drunk.