Thursday, May 02, 2013

There Are Men, and There Are .....Not-Men

Erickson doesn't phrase it quite that way, but it fits.

...Cruz had gone back to Texas and told some activists at a Freedomworks conference that Mike, Rand and Ted were constantly being yelled at by fellow Republicans. It’s a true statement verified by other Senators. These Republican conference meetings leak all the time. Reporters hover outside the door waiting to talk to these Senators. But Ted dared tell just how scared some of his colleagues are that they are being exposed as not quite the conservatives they campaigned as being....

IIRC, Cruz told the Not-Men club that if they actually had principles, they wouldn't have to shimmy around yapping and whining about "strategy."

Cruz could have substituted "cojones" for "principles".  In fact, the SHOULD have.  The Not-Men club had to use S.E.Cupp and Jennifer Rubin as their....ahhh....warriors.  That fits, too.

And the Not-Men rule the House, too:

...John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy won’t even pretend to fight. Boehner basically plays a game of chicken by stepping aside and saying “you win.” And, he has publicly said he won’t shut the government down. The House “leadership” is running scared from the debt ceiling… and was dead set against Obamacare de-funding. Today, the House “leadership” is telling folks on the Hill it won’t fight the Farm bill. And on immigration – forget it… everyone is running around listening to consultants saying this is the way to win Hispanic votes...

(He could have mentioned Paul Ryan, who is now marching to the Left as he performs his Presidential-Wannabee-Panderdance).

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