Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Idea, Reince!

Wiggy brings us the Quote of the Day:

Can someone tell the Obama Administration the First Amendment isn’t a suggestion?
— Reince Priebus


Nor is the Second, Reince.  Would you let McPain know about that?

For that matter, Reince, has the Other Establishment Party beaten the war-drums over ObozoCare lately?  Or gone after a Select Committee on Benghazi?  How about the border fence, Reince?

Cute quip.  About time you saddled up and rode to the sound of the guns, Reince.

Another "aye" from Ticker!


Anonymous said...

Obamacare could take down the Left.

Anonymous said...

While Rinse Pribus could sink the right...where's Michael Steel when you need him?