Monday, May 06, 2013

The Shill Speaks!!

Sean Hackbarth, now a paid persona at the Chamber of Commerce, argues that cheap labor (whether IT labor or farm-hands) is a growth thing, ya' know.

What did you expect?

Let's not bother with the farm-hand question here.

Over the years, I've noted the work of Norm Matloff of UC-Davis.  There's a reason:  Norm has proved, with far more evidence than necessary, that the IT slave-labor gambit is just that.  These are not "best and brightest"; they are pedestrian IT worker-bees, who are imported strictly to make IT payroll cheaper.

And they displace proficient and savvy US citizens who pay taxes and spend money.

Somehow, Hackbarth manages to evade that point entirely. 

That's what shill-ery is all about, folks.

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Anonymous said...

And why should American companies who seek a competitive edge be compelled to hire foreign workers who will work cheaply? Is it not what capitalism is all about, the bottom line? Take morality of the equation.