Thursday, May 16, 2013

The D.C. Farce-Wagon Rolls On

This is really reassuring.

...the Senate has vowed to look into the matter, which we’re being told now was a mere non-political management snafu base on a desire to better streamline the process of exempt status approval.  To save the taxpayers money! 

And the man leading that investigation?  Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus.  Who doesn’t see any conflict of interest, because he doubts “very much” that his letter directing the IRS to look more closely at conservative groups had any influence on the IRS looking more closely into conservative groups, which agency, let me remind you, decided independently and with no outside instigation, to develop a spreadsheet that, as it so happens — passively and by sheer non-political coincidence (damn the luck!)– to have targeted nothing but conservative groups.  Because of insufficient managerial oversight....

Will this trainload of crap convince D.C. lawmakers to adopt Fair Tax or Flat Tax, thereby virtually eliminating the IRS?

Will the cow jump over the moon?  Will Unicorn Farts power the US electrical grid?  Will Joe Biden shut up?  Will John Boehner grow a set of stones? 

Buy.  More.  Ammo.

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