Friday, May 03, 2013

The Food Stamp Recovery of Obozo

If getting food stamps is "economic recovery", we're nearing fiscal Nirvana.

Since Obama took office, the number of Americans considered to be eligible to participate in the workforce has increased by 10.4 million people.

But, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the workforce only increased by 1 million workers since President Obama took office.  

No wonder he spends so much time campaigning.  


Anonymous said...

The campaigning is a calculated distraction that has resulted in American media and mindless idiots to disconnect Obama from the state of the union.

For the first time in history almost 1/2 of this country doesn't associate the president with the economic train wreck he created.

Enjoy the debt, idiots...

Anonymous said...

the economic train wreck he created.

Enjoy your delusion, morons...