Thursday, May 16, 2013

"IRS". Does the "R" Stand for "Rabid"?

While the Passerby President was golfing fundraising planning a vacation watching the news ....whatever...the IRS went into frenzy.

The Internal Revenue Service is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that more than 60 million personal medical records were improperly seized by agents from the embattled agency.

According to a story by, an unnamed healthcare provider in California is suing the IRS and 15 unnamed agents, alleging that they improperly seized some 60 million medical records of 10 million Americans, including medical records of all California state judges on March 11, 2011.

...No search warrant authorized the seizure of these records; no subpoena authorized the seizure of these records; none of the 10,000,000 Americans were under any kind of known criminal or civil investigation and their medical records had no relevance whatsoever to the IRS search....

This doesn't seem to be blatantly left-wing political action, as was much of the recent IRS news.

But it elevates the issue by orders of magnitude.  Who do these people think they ARE, anyway?


Anonymous said...

For a party that bitches about capping medical malpractice awards, y'all sure like you some federal lawsuits! What's a suitable cap for this type of litigation?

The Joker said...

Pay your taxes and STFU, Dad29.

The Joker said...

I apologize again, I am drunk.

The Joker said...

And I snorted six lines of coke.