Saturday, May 25, 2013

90% of the State? Or Milwaukee?

It is clear that Eddie Flynn, lefty-hack cop, wants to be the anti-Sheriff Clarke.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's running for office, too.  (He doesn't have an offer from a larger P.D., so why not?)

Flynn, who has no particular use for the Second Amendment, and whose department doesn't bother to arrest felons-in-possession of weapons because THAT felony is just a "paper crime," is broadening his political attacks to include State decisions such as cutting funding for various City of Milwaukee boondoggles.

Flynn, Milk-Carton Tommy, and the rest of the Usual Suspects have made it clear that in their minds, 90% of State residents must shove money into the sewer-drain called Milwaukee.

Not any more, Eddie.

The other ninety percent are forced to subsidize the Milwaukee Public Schools, Miller Park, and your Lake Michigan-polluting sewer system.  We've been forced to do that for years, and we're STILL forced to do it.  You and your foot-stamping whiner pals are--right now--scheming to force non-Milwaukee citizens to pick up the tab for a new basketball facility.

The gravy train stopped, Eddie.  Deal with it.  The 90% would like to stop supporting you.


Anonymous said...

And if Milwaukee want's a trolley Milwaukee can pay for that too...

Anonymous said...

Ever since he schtooped Jess McBride he's become increasingly unhinged. Coincidence?