Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Why NOT "Tax Fairness"?

It's a mid-length essay, but it's clear.

Amazon and WallyWorld are happy to screw small competitors...with the Gummint's guns on their side.

That's called "Crony Capitalism."  And it sucks no matter who is playing the card.


James Pawlak said...

This law violates: The original intent of the "commerce clause" of the Constitution, which was to prevent the States from imposing duties on goods shipped from other States; And, the Tenth Amendment as to the rights of the States.

Anti-James Pawlak said...

Is it crony capitalism when certain defense companies receive the bulwark of the contracts, compliments of "friends in high places"? No.

Is it crony capitalism when big oil corporations use their lobbyists to secure legislation at the expense of other energy companies to ensure their sustainability and profitability? No.

It is capitalism at work, period. Normal, everyday free-market capitalism incentivizes collusion because these practices undeniably lead to higher profits for those who practice them. It is a logical outcome of the system.

Capitalism is like fire; a great benefit if properly controlled, but a disaster if it gets out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Up yours, nigger lover.

Anonymous said...

Anony 11:42 = James Pawlak

Glad to see Dad29 condoning such language in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dad29 is a strident 1A proponent. He does not censor even his most deranged fans. He should be applauded for his moral compass.