Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Orrin Hatch v. US Citizens

The Immigration Bill has a lot more components than just 'the illegals.'

The committee has done nothing at all to soften the provision that gives automatic green cards to essentially ALL foreign graduate students in STEM, no limit, no labor certification, just waving everyone on through.   --Matloff e-letter

We've quoted Matloff several times here. 

It's pure B.S. that 'there's a shortage of STEM smarts' in the US.  The line about attracting "the best and brightest" is also mostly B.S.

What IS missing in the US?  Salaries that actually reward STEM grads enough to pay their college loans.

So when Orrin Hatch proposes to flood the market with cheap labor (STEM or otherwise), and those college loans don't get repaid, be sure to collect the money from Hatch.

He has it in his campaign funds, rest assured.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a very large, Fortune 100 manufacturing company here in the Midwest. This "high-skilled" immigrants thing is an absolute crock. My company uses it to hire indentured servants that they know will never leave the company, never ask for a raise or better work conditions, never question authority, etc.

Without even being an IT company, about 25% of our salaried workforce (domestically) is now Indian. These aren't even people who came to the U.S. for graduate school. They are recruited post-graduate school from India. Probably 95% of IT and 2/3rds of engineers are from India. If you take the under 50 crowd, that 25% probably goes up to about 35-40%.