Friday, May 31, 2013

Shulman's Secret Passion: Easter Eggs?

That headline could have been far more lurid. 

Strikes me (and a lot of others) as curious:

...the Daily Caller has gone through the White House visitor logs and discovered Shulman made a total of 157 visits during the Obama Administration, which is far more than the number of recorded visits from any Cabinet official...there might be even more Shulman visits to the White House yet to be revealed, because not all of the records covering his tenure as IRS commissioner have been released...

Shulman’s predecessor, Mark Everson, only visited the Bush White House once during four years.

Maybe it was the crease in Obama's pants?  Moochie's pipes?

It CERTAINLY WAS NOT planning and executing the campaign of harassment against conservative, pro-life, and pro-Israel groups.  It CERTAINLY WAS NOT to detail all the names, addresses, and business affiliations of those conservative, pro-life, and pro-Israel people.



Jim said...


You may not be aware but "White House" refers to more than the Oval Office. In fact it includes 8 buildings including the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and others.

The logs show that 40 visits were to Nancy DeParle, Deputy Chief of Staff, and another 54 visits were to Sarah Fenn. Both of these women were deeply involved in health care policy at that time. The only other person with more than 10 visits from Shulman was Jason Furman of the Council of Economic Advisers with 11.

The IRS Commissioner is not a cabinet officer and any comparison to the number of visits logged by the commissioner and cabinet are apples and oranges. Furthermore, high level officers often visit without being registered. Biden was logged in 7 times during the period.

However, the chairman of the FCC was logged in 142 times so that's an apt comparison.

Another "conspiracy" shot down in flames.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of your blatant lying, Jim.

Get the fuck off this blog. Final warning.

Anonymous said...


The Joker said...

Hey, drunk Anony 1:39, we all know the only courage you have is liquid.

Anonymous said...

Jim is an American Patriot, and will not be cajoled or intimidated by low-level reactionaries bent on besmirching his service to country. He speaks truth to power.

Anonymous said...

Service my ass. Jim is a traitor that will be dealt with in the coming Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Jim, Why didn't Shulman make the same point you just did when he was in front of congress? Why did he pull the Easter egg comment out of his ass???

Smart money says, because he didn't have time to think up how he was going to cover up the truth to protect Obama.

Jim said...

The "Smart money" might watch this video of his testimony where his "Easter egg" quip was quickly and forthrightly followed by a number of reasons why he was at the White House over 100 times.

The even Smarter money would say that Shulman was either trying to break the tension or giving the committee the respect it was due.

Anonymous said...

Jim, the smart money understands Chicago politics. Once you understand how Obama won his Illinois senate seat you'll understand how he rose to where he is today with his educational records sealed.

Why don't you start by Googling John Clemens "Jack" Ryan and Barack Hussein "Barry Soetero" Obama.

Smart money understands that there is a pattern to the 1000's of lies Mr. Obama has uttered.

Bonus: Why would another IRS official plead the fifth? Jim, would you plead the fifth if you did nothing wrong??? Or are you trying to make us believe the IRS heads are just victims of circumstances?

Right now I am convinced people like you are the reason shady used car salesman have been around since the Model T.

Jim said...

Chicago politics blah-ba-di blah blah blah. Like they are worse than New York politics. Or Louisiana politics. Or Philly politics.

I know what you're suggesting, but it's just a bunch of horse s**t. Shulman was nominated by Bush, is not from Chicago, and has nothing to do with "Chicago politics".

Ryan was losing in the polls 52% to 30% according to the Chicago Tribune before his divorce records became public.

1000's of lies Mr. Obama has uttered.

Which "lies" would those be?

Why would another IRS official plead the fifth?

I don't know. She was appointed by Bush. There isn't one single hint of anything that she might have done that is illegal. Her 5th plea is a mystery, although if you like conspiracies, as a republican appointee she could be purposely trying to embarrass the Obama administration. Why did she plant the question that brought the issue to the public?

The only reason I would plead the 5th in these circumstances is if I held the committee majority members, especially Issa in contempt and simply didn't want to answer his witch hunt questions.

A used car salesman would starve if he had to rely on my business. I've never bought a car from one.

What do you suppose are in his academic records?