Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's the SPENDING, Stupid!!, Part 110,356

Click to enlarge--that way, you can see the Household Income line (in gray) which roughly paralleled Fed Spending until the year 2000.

It is clear that the TEA Party folks are not making stuff up, and (R) politi-slime with bad spending habits (see Murkowski, Bennett, etc.) are also targets for a reason: they're bankrupting our children.

HT: PowerLine


J. Strupp said...

1. Medicare Part D

2. 2003 Bush tax cuts.

3. The war in Afghanistan.

4. The war in Iraq.

Take'em away and that line goes flat from 2002 until the financial crisis in 2007-8.

That is all.

Dad29 said...

"Tax Cuts" are NOT spending, Strupp.

J. Strupp said...

I realize that (don't want to make the same mistake twice). But they can contribute to outlays in the chart referenced.