Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not Marketing. Evangelization.

B-16, interviewed on the flight to England:

I would say that a church that seeks above all to be attractive is already on the wrong path. Because the Church doesn't work for herself, does not work to increase her numbers, her own power. The Church is at the service of Another, she doesn't serve herself. She doesn't exist to be a strong body, but rather serves to render accessible the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the great truths, the great forces of love, of reconciliation, which appeared in this Figure and which always come from the presence of Jesus Christ.

Not that long ago, the Church attracted people through beauty.  Now we have Broadway instead, and STILL people join.

Gates of Hell, indeed.

HT:  Leonardi

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GOR said...

It is interesting to note the difference between Pope Benedict and his predecessor Pope John Paul II. Both were pastors and wanted the salvation of souls, but their approaches differ significantly. JPII was outgoing, gregarious, at home in the limelight and was energized by the crowds. Benedict is shy, retiring, soft-spoken and deflects attention from himself.

It was always impressive to see the crowds that turned out for Pope John Paul II. But I often wondered if many turned out for the spectacle, much like a rock-concert, to say they ‘were there’. But after the spectacle was over and the lights went out, how much lasting effect was there?

With Pope Benedict he is at pains to show that this is not about him. He constantly points to Our Lord as where our focus should be. He knows that Popes will come and go and we should not be concentrated on human personalities but have our eyes on eternity.