Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notice Something Here?

A pal who does a lot of image and image-net stuff points to this photo:


...and suggests that the girl in the lower-left-hand corner has a peculiar "halo" where her waist meets the hip of the man to her left.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

The girl in the red sweatshirt? halo at the bottom of the photo?

Obviously, she's been touched by The Chosen One.

jimspice said...

You mean the poster of the girl behind her seen length wise?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I noticed the poster as well, but there is a small halo at the bottom of the photo too.

Dad29 said...

Not the poster; it's straight-lined, easily picked up.

jimspice said...

Why don't you just say what you're hinting at?

Dan said...

Obviously not easily picked up.
The strange in the picture to me is the smiling man's head next to Obama that seems kind of strange. That and the black girl who is on her cell phone just a few feet away from Obama.
No halo's though.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I believe D29 is actually referring to the guy in front of the AA woman on the phone. There is a white halo around his pants area signifying a poor "cut" around his body. It appears to be lazy photoshopping considering the conflicting light sources.

That in addition to the fact that the AA woman is chatting on her phone while everyone is going gaga - not only would it be next to impossible to carry on a conversation, much less be on the phone when the president is a mere four feet from her.

PLUS, she's rocking a blue nametag which no one else is wearing.

Unknown said...

To me it looks like the blond has a sister who is leaning forward. Actually I think they are the same person and they combined a sequence. Very bad photoshop work in any case regardless of the intent. So they added an extra blond or repeated the same blond since you don't see her face when she is leaning forward.
Remember always trust the media they would never do anything but just report things straight. ;)

jimspice said...

Here's a shot from the Wisconsin State Journal taken at almost precisely the same moment. Do you still claim fraud? Care to make a classier retraction than Belling?

Dad29 said...

It clarifies the "halo".

With that angle, the "halo" is clearly the seam of her blouse.

NOT as clear in the JS shot, which was the question on the table.