Thursday, September 30, 2010

More (!!) Fed Regulatory Costs

You're a local taxpayer? The Feds are going to cost you more money.

The federal government is forcing states and municipalities to change the lettering on street signs from all CAPS to initial Caps because it supposedly is easier for motorists to read, and therefore will save milliseconds of driver attention which might, I repeat, MIGHT, save lives.

For NYC, this is about $27 million in costs.

That Maine (R) candidate has the right answer:

Go to Hell!

HT: Insurrection


Neo-Con Tastic said...

'Sentence case' is FAR easier to read when compared to 'all caps,' however, this is absurd.

GOR said...

Well out here in the rural countryside there has been a project in progress for some time to put standardized address signs outside of every house. I suspect the reasoning behind it is so that emergency services can save milliseconds finding you when your house goes up or you get 'the big one'...

But where did the money for this come from? Some federal stimulus money or my taxes? But, I repeat myself...