Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Stupid IS Tom Barrett?

Yes, I know that Tom Barrett went to Marquette High School.

And that he wandered off to obtain a degree in law.

But, ya know, something doesn't add up.

Belling reported that the Barrett campaign didn't have a City of Milwaukee OCCUPANCY permit for its Milwaukee headquarters. That's not necessarily Tommy-Boy's fault; some operative should have done it.

Then Belling reported that Tommy-Boy didn't have the required inspection at his personal residence in the City of Milwaukee for his heating system boiler. Maybe he can blame that on his wife.

Now it's reliably reported (cop-shop pals) that Tommy-Boy's pooch has bitten the mailman twice --AND that the pooch does not have a City of Milwaukee license.

Was it your kids who "forgot"--

--or are you too damn dumb to know what the City of Milwaukee requires of its residents...

Or don't you give a damn, Tommy-Boy?

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