Friday, September 24, 2010

Attendance Solutions From St. Mattress of Holysprings Parish

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One parish, St Mattress of the Holy Springs in western New York, believes they have the answer. They've put a new twist on an old stand-by - the Youth Mass - by having kids lead the liturgy.

"It's edgy, it's daring, it's bold," said Hayley Ruffington-Smythe, Liturgical Engineer at St Mattress. "But I felt that in order to truly reach out and engage the youth of our parish, this was the only thing we could do. We were losing kids just as they were discovering who they are in their soul, and they were migrating to the edgy, daring and bold services at local evangelical non-denominational communities. Our pastor, Fr. Phl├╝ff, challenged the Worship Committee to come up with a way to reel them back in."

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Al said...

Best line: "In my mind, they know just as much about theology and the teachings of the Church as any run-of-the-mill woman priest."