Monday, September 27, 2010

Once Again, The Stupid Party Proves Its Name

Beastie's Batchelor speculates a bit.

But if his speculation is accurate, Boehner and his slap-back stupids are going to feel heat, soon.

[Ryan] was missing in action last week at the ballyhooed Republican roll-out of “The Pledge to America” in a Virginia hardware store. Why was Ryan a no-show? Ryan’s flacks claim his absence was a scheduling problem...

We, too, noticed that Ryan was absent.

Says another observer: “Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy didn’t think as much of his ‘Roadmap’ as the (Wall Street) Journal does. (They think) it’s a ‘Roadmap’ to the minority.”

We noticed that as well.

John Boehner not only did not ask for Ryan’s help on the “Pledge,” but also Boehner’s flacks claim that the boss correctly handed the construction of the “Pledge to America” to a member who pulled off the pretentious gimmick of “Listening to America”—the two-term California back-slapper Kevin McCarthy, a man not known for policy cogitation of any sort. In fact, the general suspicion is that the document was cooked by a Boehner flack named Brian Wild, whose mission was to heat the stew—“we go forward now with optimism”—until it disappeared into instantly inedible, forgettable jargon.

Boehner's been working on his tan instead of actually working on resolving this Country's problems. But if he thinks he can simply ignore the trainwreck of Social Security, he has another think coming.

No problem for Conservatives to ram a couple of Gadsden Flag-tipped poles up Boehner's ass.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

If the elephants mess this up, they are done as a party.