Tuesday, September 21, 2010

US Army Will Enforce Bigotry and Hatred--of Christians

Yah, well, now some desk-jockey General unloads his bigotry to support Harry Reid's bigotry.


Bostick, the Army’s deputy chief of staff in charge of personnel matters … spoke about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” before several hundred troops at the European Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. “Unfortunately, we have a minority of service members who are still racists and bigoted and you will never be able to get rid of all of them,” Lt. Gen. Bostick said. “But these people opposing this new policy will need to get with the program, and if they can’t, they need to get out. No matter how much training and education of those in opposition, you’re always going to have those that oppose this on moral and religious grounds just like you still have racists today.” --quoted at Optimistic Conservative

It's more than a little offensive for this bozo to compare 'opposition on religious and moral grounds' to racism.

And it's dead wrong, of course.

This follows Colin Powell's admission that he employs illegals to 'fix up his house.' No question that he also deducts social security and income taxes, right?

WTF is going on in the Army?


Anonymous said...

As if gays who serve in the armed forces are not as qualified as "normal" men/women. Americans are on the same TEAM, regardless of sexual preference. Soldiers are united by one cause...serving their country well. My uncle who was in Vietnam had a few homosexuals in his unit, and each and every one of them would have died for one another in the name of brotherhood! It was a matter of survival.

Bigotry, indeed!

Dad29 said...


Address the POINT. Don't tell stories.

Dad29 said...


Address the POINT. Don't tell stories.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dad29 must have gone ape, he repeated his reprimand!

I don't need to address the point, you prove it repeatedly on your blog. Since you're so smart, I'll leave it to you to figure my meaning.

neomom said...

It ain't just the Army.

Talk to some retired lower level officers or NCO's... The guys getting promoted are political guys and most of them are liberals.

They won't say it that nicely however.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Anony, you really are a toolbox.