Thursday, August 26, 2010

YOU Are an Outlier

Grim brings us the bad news. We're weird.

...Joseph Henrich of the University of British Columbia took the Ultimatum Game into the Peruvian Amazon as part of his work on understanding human co-operation in the mid-1990s and found that the Machiguenga considered the idea of offering half your money downright weird — and rejecting an insultingly low offer even weirder.

That stuff about homosex "marriage" confirms weird-ness.


jimspice said...

Homosexuality was/is common and accepted in many tribal cultures (e.g.

Dad29 said...

Homosexuality, perhaps.

One example and "many other aboriginal cultures" as the proof?

Homosex marriage? Not so much.

VSO said...

So was cannibalism, polygamy and slavery. Does that make it right?