Friday, August 27, 2010

Accountability in Gummint (!!!!)

Walker and Christie: "You screw up, you're outta here!"


Schundler was let go by Christie this morning following the release of a video by the federal Department of Education that contradicted Schundler’s assertion that he provided federal Race to the Top grant application reviewers with correct state aid numbers after an error in the documents was revealed.

“I was extremely disappointed to learn that the videotape of the Race to the Top presentation was not consistent with the information provided to me by the New Jersey Department of Education and which I then conveyed to the people of New Jersey. As a result, I ordered an end to Bret Schundler’s service as New Jersey’s Education Commissioner and as a member of my administration,” Christie said in a statement issued at 12:30 p.m. today.

Walker has canned "demoted" the Director of the Mental Health complex and has moved to can the diddly-shrink who oversaw two horrible incidents.

A very pleasant change.


capper said...

Think about that demotions for a minute.

Walker says that Chianelli is unable to protect vulnerable adults in a controlled, locked hospital setting.

So Walker puts Chianelli in charge of protecting the very same people in an uncontrolled, community-based settings.

The wrong person got demoted. It should have been Walker.

Jay Bullock said...

The guy Christie fired apparently has email evidence to suggest that not only did he not lie to Christie, Christie knowingly lied in that eruption against Obama you glowingly linked below.

More CYA than anything else, it seems.