Friday, August 27, 2010

"Green Investments"? Or Payoffs??

Gee. This is just shocking!!
In the stimulus bill that passed Congress, $86 billion was earmarked for “green initiatives,” something that was heavily lobbied for by Doerr. The Department of Energy (DOE) was then put in charge of choosing which companies to award grants to.

However, close examination of those companies who have so far received grants reveals that KPCB venture companies – businesses in which Doerr has a vested financial interest – have received a large portion of the DOE’s fund.

[KPCB, or Kleiner Perkins, is where AlGore hangs out when he's not getting a massage and where Colin Powell is an "in-house" adviser.]

Fisker Automotive is one example

...along with another Corn-A-Hole-YOU! outfit in Massachusetts, and a biofuel outfit which is, so far, a money-pit.

HT: Caller

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