Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loser? Maybe Not. Murkowski to Go (D) or (LIB)

Murkowski (PhonyR-AK) doesn't like giving up the fat.

So she's apparently trying to cut a deal with the (D) and/or Libertarians to run on THEIR ticket.

It occurs that some in politics are mentally ill.

HT: Ace

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Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...


I know ACE has been working on this... but being up here in AK I am a tad closer and here is the situation.

Today at lunch, Murkowski help a presser where she said she isn't "Giving up until the absentees are counted."

The only other way she could APPEAR on the ballot as of this date is to be "party petitioned" on by a party that has a candidate WITHDRAW that won their parties primary for that spot.

The only two parties that won were the Libs and the Dems. (AIP, Indep, Green etc... didnt field anyone).

So, she has about 3 weeks to get such a move done.

Is she willing, well she said at her presser that it is: "way, way to early to consider something like that..."

Not really a denial?

Are the Dems or Libs up for it? I dont know. The Libs? I doubt it. The Alaska Lib party is pretty extreme considering the flavor of AK politics.

As for the DEMS? Well, since the winner was a token candidate that is currently a mayor, there is a possibility. Especially since the votes are soooo close, a lot of Moderate republicans would still vote for her come the general.

I dont think it will happen, but we shall see.