Friday, August 27, 2010

RedState Misses the Target--By a Mile UPDATE!

RedState is either being VERY discreet, or very dumb.

The Obama Administration is considering using the vast power of the federal government to ban the sale of certain types of ammunition. This administrative ban would increase cost for hunters and fisherman dramatically. If implemented, this ban would go against the will of the American people.

We mentioned it yesterday. It is not "certain types of ammo."

It is ALL lead ammo, or about 95% of the ammo sold and used in the US by civilians and military.

It is a de facto repeal of the Second Amendment, folks.

The author, Brian Darling, hints at that:

Hunters and fisherman need to keep a close eye on environmental bureaucrats to make sure that they don’t ban lead fishing sinkers and ammunition under the pre-text of protecting the environment.

I'm a bit more cynical. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment, and everything to do with the ACTUAL reason for the 2A.

Note that Vox agrees, as do his commenters.


The EPA already rejected the petition.


Anonymous said...

Or at least they rejected the ammo part of the petition. They're still considering banning lead fishing tackle.

jimspice said...

Were you this angry in '91 at the federal ban of lead shot for waterfowl?

As for fishing tackle, do you like loons?

"In New England, poisoning from lead weights and jigs is the greatest source of loon mortality, accounting for 50% of adult deaths (Pokras and Chafel 1992). Likewise, in Canada, 30% of adult loon mortality is due to lead poisoning resulting from sinker ingestion (Scheuhammer and Norris 1996). Ensor et al. (1992) found that 17% of adult loon deaths in Minnesota could be traced to lead poisoning from fishing tackle. "

Dad29 said...

The buckshot ban created problems for fowl hunters; not insuperable, but problems.

But banning shot in those limited circumstances is a couple orders of magnitude different from the proposal EPA just dumped into the shredder.

Dan said...

The EPA rejected the petition this time, but there are other ways to skin a cat. (bird, deer or whatever you hunt)