Friday, August 27, 2010

The Electorate Is Surly, Pat

McIlheran notes a disconcerting conversation.

...She, half of a pair of women who were blessed with, I’d estimate, about 60 years of wisdom and prudence each, was checking the news online on her phone. She reads, angrily, to her companion (I paraphrase, as I didn’t have a notebook):

“ ‘Senate Republican leader: I take Obama at his word he’s Christian.’”

She paused a second, then:


(Since I have no "gentle" readers, I won't have to help you understand the term. P-Mac, laden with innocent-soul readers, did so.)

What Patrick observed was something I have heard and seen, too. In decidedly a-political gatherings, it doesn't take long at all to overhear someone--usually over the age of 30--making remarks about Our President which are FAR more incendiary than what Pat heard.

The mood is not good, at all. It is, in fact, surly. It is dangerous.

And if the November elections don't produce immediate and highly visible remedies, it may be far worse than merely calling names.


jimspice said...

Nice veiled reference to Sharron Angle in your veiled threat.

neomom said...

Indeed Dad. The peasants are truly restless with their elitist overlords. Time for them to figure out they work FOR us, not that we work just to supply their credit card. The boondoggle I saw today in DC? The taj-mahal-like structure being erected to house the burocrats at the (get this) United States Institute of Peace.