Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sex Ed: Who Needs It? Actually, Not the Kids

HHS released a study which effectively calls into question the "need" for sex-ed.

For example, the report found that “adolescents and parents generally oppose pre-marital sex,” adding that adolescents have slightly more permissive views than their parents.
The report found that approximately 70 percent of parents were morally opposed to their teens having premarital sex, while just over 60 percent of teens agreed that only married persons should have sex. (Not exactly a shocker.)

The report also indicated that parental and social attitudes toward sex and abstinence were far more influential than classroom education, even when abstinence-based. Conservative attitudes of parents and peers toward sexual intercourse, reported the researchers, were broadly associated with an adolescent’s choice to abstain from sexual intercourse.

While sex education, including abstinence-based, increased levels of communication about sex between adolescents and their parents, the study found that such communication made no measurable difference on adolescent’s sexual attitudes.

Don't be expecting the Publick Screwels to close up their sex-ed shops soon, however.

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