Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tom Barrett: Theologian?

Following in the tradition of Nancy Pelosi, baby-killing extremist, we now have Milk-Carton Tom Barrett, a Jesuit-educated ..........umnnhhhh........Catholic........serving up Moral Theo 101.

...Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett is blasting his Republican challengers for not supporting embryonic stem cell research.

Barrett drew applause Wednesday when he spoke out in support of the research at a biotech conference in Middleton.

...Barrett says some of the best scientists in the world are doing that research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which he called a "moral service" to the country.

As we mentioned, ESCR has exactly ZERO, nada, zip to show in the "results" column--except a lot of dead babies.

Evidently Tommy forgot Moral Theo's first principle: you may NEVER do wrong to effect a right. But then, it seems that Tommy Milk-Carton has forgotten a lot of principles on the way to securing elected office.


GOR said...

Given what we have seen from many Jesuits in recent years it would appear that they too have forgotten a few principles. It wasn't always that way - from one who was also educated by the Jesuits. But that was 40+ years ago...

Anonymous said...

All the best work is being done with adult stem cells anyway. Barrett is behind the curve.