Friday, August 20, 2010

New, "Improved", Airport-Imaging

Good ol' Shoebox takes one for the team.

So, I head through security and towards the backscatter X-ray. As I get to the stainless steel tables where I normally take all the metal out of my pockets, remove my shoes, liquids and electronics, I am greeted by a TSA employee who informs us that they are now using a “new security system.” He goes on to inform us that this new fangled security system that is costing gross millions of dollars to deploy, is no longer satisfied with just having shoes, metal, liquids and electronics removed. Nope, this new fangled thing is so advanced that you now have to empty every last item out of your pockets; paper, vitamin pills etc…and your belt! If you don’t, I was informed, you will be patted down!

More at the link. Most disappointing is that Shoebox was not able to retail pix of multi-thousands on EBay.

We heard it was a lack of bidders.

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Shoebox said...

I'm guessing they have the Pic posted in the TSA lunchroom with a "Where's Waldo" caption.