Monday, August 30, 2010

A Few Words From Rome

Hilary White is a good reporter. She recently joined the staff of a Minnesota-based newspaper and offers a few interesting observations.

Q.) And how is the mood in Rome these days? I’m sure the sex scandals continue to cast long shadows but from your vantage point are there any indicators of better days ahead?

A) It depends on whose mood, particularly. There seems to be a sense of fin de siecle among the dinosaurs, the ones who staged and nurtured the Revolution since the 1950s. Among the younger crowd, those who are left, there is a sense of cautious optimism.

...Taking the longest possible view, the Church is at last passing out of a phase that started in the 1950s, and with the sex abuse cases, is simply reaping what it has sown. The result of effectively abandoning the traditional moral strictures in seminary formation is going to be moral chaos in the Church. Two and two still equal four. And now, even despite the attempts by the media to obscure this equation, many more people can see that, so much more clearly than before. The state of moral chaos, the doctrinal and liturgical disaster that is the Church in Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Britain etc, is now being revealed for the evil that it has been all along.

...If the mainstream media has failed to make the connection between their favourite European bishops publicly opposing the Church on homosexuality and condoms and their protection of predatory homosexuals in the priesthood, the lesson is not being lost on those who see the situation with the eyes of the Faith. It will soon occur even to some MSM pundits that it has been the darlings of the “progressive” end of the Church, the poster-boys of the Revolution, who have been the most egregious culprits in covering up for their abusive priests and fellow bishops. The Weaklands, the Mahoneys, the Danneelses.


LOTS of other interesting stuff on the state of the Church in Europe (bad), Italian games-playing at the Vatican (The Godfather is a good parallel), and other interesting stuff.

Like, for example, the large and growing resistance among European health professionals to perform abortions.

Again, as with the Church, the tide is turning against the post-hippie dinosaurs, although, secure in their corner offices in Westminster and Brussels, they may not know it yet.

Heh. As to the European Union itself?

The EU is an invention of the Revolution, and as such, it is built on something that is not real. It is a manifestation of the post-1960s Fantasy world that has rejected the Real for a set of ideological fantasies. It is a tissue of ideologically inspired lies, a soap bubble that will burst sooner or later. And given the current crisis of the Euro, it’s looking more like sooner

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