Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Did I Tell You? BUY MORE AMMO!!

This first surfaced about 2 weeks ago.

...the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Lisa Jackson, who was responsible for banning bear hunting in New Jersey, is now considering a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) – a leading anti-hunting organization – to ban all traditional ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, a law in which Congress expressly exempted ammunition. If the EPA approves the petition, the result will be a total ban on all ammunition containing lead-core components, including hunting and target-shooting rounds. The EPA must decide to accept or reject this petition by November 1, 2010, the day before the midterm elections.

And, in sum, there is really NO substitute for lead which is not either 1) ineffective or 2) horrifically expensive.

It should not surprise anyone that the wackos petitioned EPA instead of Fish/Wildlife--where this actually belongs. Jackson is extremely sympathetic (and extreme, too.) USFWS might not be so easy to persuade.

The link above has the full story AND it has links for the EPA "comment" page on the proposal, as well as Ms. Jackson's email address.

Be polite. If I can (on occasion), so can you.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

You can never, never, never buy enough.

VSO said...

Call me a bleeding heart Dad but I actually support not hunting bears, especially after visiting the Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary in Orr, MN and the Bear Center in nearby Ely, MN.

Now hunting hooved animals, that's a different ballgame to me. I need to get a gun and ammo while I can.

Dad29 said...

Your ideas about bear huntimg can change very quickly once a bear's gone through your home looking for chow.

Or your garbage containers.