Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Good Ol' Boy" Need Not Follow the Rules

Another display of how cozy things really are in Madistan--if, of course, you're a State employee.

The state employee in charge of responding at a moment's notice to riots and other disturbances in Wisconsin prisons recently moved to Illinois, more than 90 miles away from his office in Madison. The employee also received an exemption to state policy requiring him to keep his specially equipped emergency response vehicle at his home overnight.

...Under an agreement reached with the head of the Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Institutions Administrator Bill Grosshans parks the car in an elementary school lot overnight in tiny Hazel Green, about five miles from his home in Galena, Ill.

The guy makes around $120K/year, plus the usual Gargantuan Bennies.

"So, Bill, you're going to live 100++ miles from any State prison, pay Illinois taxes, and park OUR car in a schoolyard."


"No problem. I'd get the hell outta this damn tax-Hell, too, if I could, but it might look bad."


"Just make sure no damn reporter follows you home, hehehehehe....."


Anonymous said...

This one is really weird, to say the least.

In fairness, I understand the Mike McClure situation as he has very specialized skills and a ton of experience which would cost more to replicate than to cut him some slack so it's a very good business move on the state's part and I have no problem with it (although personally neither he or I have ever been on fantastic terms with each other)/

Dad29 said...

That's why I did not screech about the McClure situation. For truly unique skills, you just pay. Period.

For a glorified jail-guard? Not so much.