Thursday, August 26, 2010

Political SAT, WI Lt. Gov Edition

Belling reports that Brett Davis, the candidate advertising as the "spending watchdog" LtGov guy, is disingenuous.

Seems that Davis let on that Doylet is paying for prisoners' ID and Driver's Licenses. Nice of Doylet, ain'a?

Davis says that it's just AWFUL. HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE. (All true.)

What Davis does NOT tell you is that he voted for the provision.

So here's our SAT question (you have to fill in the blank):

John McCain is to Brett Davis as _____________ is to __________________.


neomom said...

John McCain is to Brett Davis as .. Oh hell, they are both squishes who will say anything to get elected and then ignore their constituents when they get into office.

However, I have a question. What exactly does the Lt. Gov actuall DO in Wisconsin?

Dad29 said...

Hint: the current LG, a society dame from Green Bay, hasn't been seen around her office for almost 2 years.

And she STILL does more than Joe Biden.