Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The OTHER Broken Doylet Promise

Remember when Jimbo, our current Thief-in-Chief, said that he'd 'reduce State employment by 25%'?

As it turns out, he damn near did it. Too bad that he meant OVERALL Wisconsin employment, eh?

The DOR expects the state to reach overall pre-recession employment levels no sooner than 2013.

Oh, and Gummint employment? Still going up!

While other sectors of the economy were struggling in 2010, government continued its increase in employment. In 2009, the government sector of employment grew 0.7%. While the report predicts a 0.3% decline in 2010 due to “The weak fiscal position of state and local governments,” that has not produced a decline in employment so far. When faced with “possible teacher layoffs,” the federal government “bailed out” the states with $10 billion more in education funding.

So, even as other job areas of Wisconsin’s economy are shrinking, the Department of Workforce Development’s report from July shows government has added 5,900 jobs over last year.

And every one of them was critical to the functioning of the universe, no doubt.

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