Thursday, August 19, 2010

Abandoning the Judaeo-Christian Heritage

Dumping the J-C tradition has its costs.

Secularists realize, but do not publicly admit, that that loss of Christian moral foundations has plunged Europe into a depopulating death spiral. What secular moderns omitted from their war-gaming gambit for population control was that the huge physical and spiritual vacuum of a post-Christian, depopulated Europe would leave them prostrate before an intolerant Islam. In the halls of international institutions where "global governance" has been methodically planned for more than 50 years, the assumption has been that those who lived to see this dream come true would be other "post-metaphysical" elite. Instead, the global system they planned may be delivered by population default to the nations of Islam, China, and India.

That's taken from an essay on the (imminent) collapse of Europe as we know it, based on the Rockefeller-financed population-scare of the 1960's.

It's useful to know history. That way you might not have to re-live it.

Not to worry. Gay "marriage" will solve the population problem, right?

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Kings and Chronicles. Read 'em and weep. That's where we're headed.