Friday, August 27, 2010

JS Walker-Bashing Continues With Very Thin Gruel

The newsrag's editors actually accept this crap for publication.


The reality?

No, he didn't.

In the debate with Neumann, Walker referred to BadgerCare as a 'temporary program.' The union-shill reporter carefully stripped the phrase from its context and manufactured a story.

Too bad he then (WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY down the page) related the actualities.

Republican Gov. Tommy G. Thompson created BadgerCare in 1997 as he overhauled welfare. It was meant to ensure low-income workers and their families would have health care. As a member of the Assembly at the time, Walker voted for it. The hope was that most people would eventually move into jobs that would provide health care,......

So while BadgerCare, the PROGRAM, is permanent, the UTILIZATION of BadgerCare was meant to be temporary--a helping hand.

This is what passes for "objective" these days?


Badger Catholic said...

I'm sure this is only the beginning of the season, where journalists conveniently go cross-eyed when reading the facts.

Anonymous said...

Considering the Fifth Column at Fourth and State wants government-paid health care for all, they see BadgerCare as a stepping stone to that, not as a "bridge" to maintain health coverage between jobs.