Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kill Jobs, Spend Money, Get No Effects...What's New?

If you never understood the Tea Party movement, this won't help you.

If you always DID understand it, you'll understand why Scott Walker will cut the DNR budget by about 40%.

You are about to pay more, much more, on your sewage bill because of the state's new rules limiting phosphorus, which feeds algae that ruins lakes and streams.

Too bad the money likely won't make lakes and streams any appreciably cleaner.

Victims include paper mills and cheese plants, and the employees who will be "former employees" as soon as the plants can leave the State.

The only motivator here was a threat-of-lawsuit from the usual extremist suspects. There's a remedy for that, too: a two-word phrase utilizing "you" as a direct object.


jimspice said...

But your usual threat, "I will shoot you," has four words.

And no, I never did understand the name "Taxed Enough Already" at a point of the lowest tax rates in two generations.

neomom said...

I don't know Jim. The total tax/fee burden on my family is about 46%. And we don't pull in anything close to the vicinity of that magical rich number of 250K.

You need to include Federal, State, Property, Sales, Phone, Cable, license fees, etc, etc, etc.

Hence Taxed Enough Already

But if you feel you don't pay enough, you can chip in some extra to make yourself feel better.