Thursday, August 19, 2010

Large-Company Health Costs Rocket Up: ObamaCare!

New survey tells us that large companies (5,000+ employees) are expecting a NINE PERCENT increase in health-insurance costs next year.

(Reminder: that increase will also affect State, local, and school-districts' costs...)

...This survey of employers with five thousand employees shows that executives are planning for a sharp increase in health-care costs, mainly from new mandates in ObamaCare and the lack of control over the actual costs in providing health care. Those costs will get passed to employees in part, but it’s also likely to reduce their impulse to expand jobs in the next couple of years. The former CBO director also predicts that companies will look at shedding their retiree coverage programs, as predicted during the ObamaCare debate — and will end up pushing more people onto Medicare and Medicaid

So much for "reducing" health-care costs.


HT: Hot Air


J. Strupp said...


I don't know. Sounds like last year's increase.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I have personal knowledge of two:

A large employer in Milwaukee is up 28% in premiums and employees have yet to find out what their new coverage and co-pays are.

A manufacturer on the northwest side has a premium increase of 36% with coverage down and co-pays up.

And it's early. The season doesn't start in earnest until October.