Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool the Globe and Choke Wisconsin. It Begins. the Wisconsin Democrat-playground Legislature, which is oblivious to Massachusetts voting--and to actual global temperature trends. And there's an an underlying agenda here which plays a part.

State lawmakers started poring over a sweeping renewable energy bill Wednesday, establishing battle lines as the measure inches toward a vote. The bill creates new renewable fuel standards, lifts Wisconsin’s ban on nuclear power plants and calls for new vehicle emission standards to match California’s. Environmentalists have praised the package, saying it is a key step toward fighting global warming and it will create jobs...

1) It doesn't really "lift the ban" on nukes. It replaces an outright ban with an impossible standard of 'waste management.' This is called 'deception' in ordinary life. It's what Lucy did to Charlie Brown while Charlie tried to kick extra points.

2) The vehicle-emission standards will be California's standards.

3) In fact, the bill will REDUCE private-sector employment in Wisconsin by about 43,000 jobs. It will INCREASE Government employment by about 12,000 jobs. (Doylet calls that "inaccurate." Doylet also said that he 'will not/must not raise taxes' and that he would 'reduce State employment by 10,000 jobs.' In other words, Jim Doyle is a notorious liar...)

4) Those "emission standards" cost money. About $1,000 PER PERSON, every year after 2020 in disposable income, or $1.5 BILLION in gross wages paid to Wisconsin taxpayers. In other words, you can fuggedabout helping your kid with college costs or that 1-week vacation, because you'll be paying that much or more for your electric bill and/or gasoline.

Every State Assembly member is up for re-election this fall.

Can you afford the one you have now? We're looking at you, Jeff Plale...

Oh, it gets worse.

The Doyle/Plale plan also will impose Damn Near Russia (DNR) rulemaking on local transportation planning. Nice of Plale to get DNR involved, eh?

As part of the state bill based on recommendations by the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation would be required to work with the Department of Natural Resources to set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in future state transportation plans.

WisDOT would then be required to work with the 14 MPOs throughout Wisconsin in extending those goals to local transportation plans.

"Local control? I SPIT on local control." --Jeff Plale

What's the real agenda here? Read between the lines:

...Steve Hiniker, executive director of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin and co-chairman of the global warming task force’s transportation committee, said the bill commits WisDOT and MPOs to better mass transit planning and a stronger framework for future development.

“When developers go before an MPO,” he said, “the MPO gets all the information about a project and then basically decides how best to link that project to current development.”

The result, he said, is sprawl. Developers, Hiniker said, should be directed to target new projects near existing buildings, major roads or transit hubs.

Let's translate that.

"You will live where DNR and DOT want you to live. You will live on less acreage. You will live like Eastern Europeans because that is what WE think you should do. That is all. Return to your hovel and turn off the heat, dammit!"


TerryN said...

Meanwhile a real environmental and economic threat to Wisconsin is swimming north toward the Great Lakes.

Anonymous said...

Now add the climategegate story, and the stories that both NASA and NOAA fudged the data. FRAUD on a monumental scale. So there is no real scientific basis for what Doyle & Co want to do here.
To what end do they do this? I suspect because they are socialists and despise freedom.


Ken Van Doren

Headless Blogger said...

D29 - Related reading on Obama's War on Suburbia here:

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

And to think that at one point in time I had respect for Plale.