Friday, January 29, 2010

"Lights Out" Hacking

Ugly, and we are dealing with matters of national security here.

More than half of the operators of power plants and other “critical infrastructure” have had their computer networks infiltrated by sophisticated adversaries, according to a new study. In many cases, foreign governments are suspected.

...Many intruders have apparently done something harmful with the access they’ve stolen.

Sixty-five percent of the respondents that had experienced large-scale denial of service attacks said the incidents had at least some effect on their operations, from minor service interruptions to sustained damage and critical breakdowns.

Many of these are foreign-government-sponsored attacks.


Billiam said...

Mainly by our "friends" in China and Russia, I'll wager. I wonder when our leaders will tumble to the fact that they still want to destroy us. Smiles and niceties in public, a different stroy when we're out of ear-shot. Kind of like the 'palestinians'.

neomom said...

Imagine how much more vulnerable the grid will be after the state forces us all onto the "Smart" grid?