Monday, January 25, 2010


I really expected the Vikings to win that game......until they played it.

Frankly, the Vikings had the better team AND the better defense.

But none of that counts when you lose the turnover war 1,000-to-1 (or whatever.)

It's too bad that Favre got his brains bashed in, too; I'd hoped that he would not join a team this season for precisely that reason.

He deserved better than that.


Headless Blogger said...

I disagree, Favre got precisely what he deserved. You don't take a dump on Curly's grave without consequences.

I didn't listen to his post-game comments, did Brent blame his choking on Ted Thompson this time, too?

Dad29 said...

I didn't listen, either.

But he probably did NOT assign blame to Bush.

BTW, we are in agreement that Fovruh should NOT have played for the Vikes.

And, by the way, I suspect that GB's front office missed a couple of tricks in the chess-game of dumping #4 from his position.

But that will be another day...

Badger Catholic said...

LOL, Dad29 I agree. Although by not blaming Bush he is now a racist.

Paying a player $20 mil to stay retired? Sometimes us cheeseheads take our sports a little too seriously. It is a game, right?