Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HRC to Bail on State

Reported by Ace, from T. Smiley interview.

SMILEY: Finally, there’s already speculation about whether or not Secretary Clinton is going to do this for the full first time, and whether or not she has any interest if asked to stay on to do it for eight years? You see how tough the job is, can you imagine yourself doing all four years and, if asked, doing it for another four years?

HILLARY CLINTON: No, I really can’t. I mean, it is just…

TAVIS SMILEY: No to what? All four or eight?

HILLARY CLINTON: The whole, the whole eight, I mean, that that would be very challenging. But I, you know, I don't wanna make any predictions sitting here, I’m honored to serve, I serve at the pleasure of the President, but it’s a, it’s a 24/7 job, and I think at some point, I will be very happy to LAUGHS pass it on to someone else.

She's not the first SecState to bail after four. But she has a better reason than most of the others.

Her boss.

Oh, and she does NOT want to be President.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Interesting. She's been compledtely marginalized and emasculated (poor choice of words, I suppose)by this administration. Does she actually have anything to do? Hell, there's a Czar for the regular stuff she would do.

Dad29 said...

Your wording is appropriate.

Beyond that, I don't think she shares TehWon's views on foreign policy.

HRC is not interested in national suicide.