Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ben Nelson's Sad Apotheosis

Give him credit for showing up at a pro-life meeting.

As to the rest of the story, well........

One month after Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) stunned pro-lifers across the country by casting the crucial vote allowing the health care bill to pass the Senate, the beleaguered Democrat caused a stir when he arrived unexpectedly at a private meeting of pro-life leaders Wednesday to explain his reasoning and insist that he was still devoted to their cause.

The atmosphere of the room grew tense, however, as it became clear that Nelson had not come to apologize for casting the 60th "yes" vote that dashed the hopes of pro-life leaders counting on the senator to stop the abortion-expanding bill in its tracks. Instead Nelson rebuffed the idea that he caved on his pro-life position, and said that the “compromise” language that he had offered just before the final senate vote - which segregated the taxpayer subsidy monies funding abortion-providing insurance plans - allowed Nelson to "hold true to my pro-life principles" in voting for the measure.

An interesting article--lots more stuff at the link.

It appears that Nelson is a dead Senator walking, now fighting a rear-guard action which will only delay the inevitable.

His defiance won't help his cause, either.

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