Friday, January 29, 2010

Ace Looses It on Obama

This guy is fun to read.

Ace reminds us of Obamamamama's wonderfulness.

....The GOP was, we all kinda know, ready to roll over and compromise, or at least enough of our Reps and Senators were to give Obama his win. It was only agitation from the grassroots that put some steel in their spine. And not, how Mr. Top-Down Command-and-Control You-Little-People-Listen-To-Your-Leaders would have it, the other way around, wherein our "leaders" told us what to think and what to say.

Second of all: The complaint he makes actually applies ten times as much to himself. It is this asshole who's telling everyone WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE, this asshole telling tales of foot-hungry amputating jigsaw surgeons, this asshole who sold his nutroots on the notion that the public option was the only path to single payer, and single payer is the only path to equality and wonderfulness.

And it is this asshole -- President "I Won" -- who has staked his young and now failed presidency on nothing but winning and steamrolling the opposition and ignoring critics and demonizing dissenting voices, all to "win" on this issue, to prove he could win, and so to prove that he was El Supremo Jefe and we all had to buckle under his benevolent dictatorship.

It is this asshole who has denied himself the wiggle room to compromise, and so it is this asshole who is now attempting to persuade us to compromise, because he can't.

Pretty good summation. And if Obamamamamama thinks he's going to Rahm-a-Jamma healthcare down our throats, he may find that it ain't as easy as talking smack to Pubbies on TV.


krshorewood said...

Shouldn't this child be sent to a corner for a time out? This guy came off as crude, bullheaded, directionless. How does the GOP like the new assholes the President tore today?

Billiam said...

KR, you are a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black. The President tore nothing. Obama, with House and Senate leadership, have been uber-partisan, and extremely divisive. Of course, you can't see that because you're as far left as they. Obama has brought division, not unity, because he's so far left, and so arrogant. Now, many conservatives are not surprised at how he governs, as all one had to do was look at his past to see what he'd do in the future. That there are those surprised at his policies, well, they were too busy paying attention to what he was saying to look at his actions from the past.

Amy said...

Yes, the 'post-partisan' president's tactic for post-partisanship is: do what Democrats tell you.

I can't wait until the PEOPLE tear a few assholes come November.