Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kramer Joins Zipperer in Senate Race

Now there are two, both good guys.

Bill Kramer:

"Democrats in Madison and Washington, DC, continue to ignore the needs of our state’s job creators and working families," Kramer said in a statement. "I have been an outspoken critic of the Democrats’ proposed $5 billion in tax increases and I will continue to pursue policies that empower our state’s entrepreneurs so they can create jobs without concern of an out-of-control state government that continues to impinge on our families’ pocketbooks."

Kramer, 45, was first elected to the Assembly in 2006. He is an attorney, accountant and financial planner.

Only negative is that both Zipp and Kramer are lawyers.

Kramer is a CPA, too, making him a 'switch-hitter.'


Anonymous said...

Why do you act like it's a bad thing that our LAW MAKERS have Law Degrees?

You're not one of those angry old men that think all lawyers are bad because you think they're all smarter than you, have more hair then you and drive a Z4?

Personally I'm happy our Law Makers have knowledge of the law. it indicates that both of them can and have worked in the private sector so they have a greater understand of how most people make a living.

Dad29 said...

You have a problem with humor?

Well, then, eat THIS:

99% of lawyers give the rest of them a bad name, Mugrack.