Thursday, January 21, 2010

DirecTV Bonus

After Warner Cable decided to raise its rates again, I decided not to partake of their party.

In comes DirecTV. Yes, I know about snow, and low-pressure fronts. No big deal...

I was never told that DirecTV includes Sirius radio--but am happy to tell you that Sirius radio includes two------TWO------classical-music stations.

So now I'm listening to Mahler's Veni, Creator.



Tim Morrissey said...

If you've dumped Warner and gone to satellite (btw, DishNet carries Sirius radio channels, too) - who's your ISP? I'm presuming you have broadband. I fired Charter TV, but was forced, by absence of choice, to continue their high-speed internet service. At least, they promise 10meg, and actually deliver it.

Dad29 said...

SBC/ATT here.

Reason for using DirecTV is that SBC does not have U-Verse in my area. SBC cut a deal with DirecTV instead.