Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Ellie Light".......Girly Man!

Curiouser? Or no surprise at all?

The nutshell version: The Cleveland Plain-Dealer spoke to “Ellie Light” on the phone this morning and got her to admit — in a “husky voice” — that her name’s really Barbara Brooks, she’s a nurse, and that she wrote the letters on her own initiative. She gave them some personal information to verify her existence and it checked out. Later today, another woman — not husky-voiced — called the Plain-Dealer and said that she’s Barbara Brooks and that it’s actually her husband, a Kossack named Winston Steward, who’s responsible for the Ellie letters and has now taken to posing as her because he’s afraid the “right-wing crazies” will get him.

Well, if nothing else, she'll get a whole lot in the property-settlement part of the divorce, what with all those residences all over the country and all.

Or not.

HT: Ace


Anonymous said...

If "Ellie Light" is so evil, what about Chuckles Sykes putting his mistress on the air and calling her "Liz Woodhouse"? You know the mistress -- the one he cheated on the Supreme Court Justice with, the one who became the Third Wife.

Dad29 said...

And that is