Friday, January 22, 2010

King James (Doyle) Version of Health Insurance

We'll agree with Jo Egelhoff that Doyle is about half-right on this one.

Governor Doyle announced a new “self-funded” state health insurance plan meant for low income childless adults not covered by health insurance. About 20,000 adults were placed on a waiting list when Wisconsin couldn’t afford to serve all those applying for the newly expanded BadgerCare program last fall.

So, let’s look at the positives. First, when the money ran out, the state stopped accepting beneficiaries (as required by the federal waiver). Imagine.

Then, Wisconsin looked for a second plan - affordable, and for which low-income beneficiaries pay their own way.

So why the "King James" mockery? Simple:

Though no private insurer is allowed to sell such a plan, the state exempted itself from the countless mandates that must be included in privately sold health insurance

And there were no competitive bids--not even a solicitation for bids.

It's King James' way, or the highway.

Statism, thy name is Democrats.

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Unknown said...

I don't appreciate this. It seems that getting kids health insurance in this country is more significant than getting it for adults, when don't adults require to go to the doctor more often? If adults can't afford it, and therefore possibly aren't getting the health care that they need, how are they thought to take care of their kids??

Good day.

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